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DIAD Group DS3 in action

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12H Sur Glace - Endurance Race at the Serre Chevalier Circuit

Saturday, 6, February, 2016

The Citroen AX Group N in action

Photo by Francois Haase

Citroen Ax at the 12h sur glace
Sergio Durante, Patrick Bourguignon, Antoine Sorin, Cedric Rosenveig

The team at the hospitality

On Saturday 6th February the incredible 12H Sur Glace was held at the french circuit of Serre Chevalier.

The endurance race was based on a simple format: running continously for 12h on the ice circuit, with front wheel drive race cars, 4 drivers per team.

The race started on Saturday morning at the 9:00 o’clock with  30 ultra competitive teams, composed by mechanics, engineers, drivers and all the equipment to mantain the car efficient for more than 400 laps.

The weather conditions were terrible, with high temperature affecting immediatey the ice surface, generating holes and irregularity that forced the drivers to change the trayectories almost every lap. 

Sergio Durante drove the small but competitve Citroen AX provided by the Patrick Bourguignon team, sharing the driving wheel with the same gentleman driver Patrick, Antoine Sorin and Cedric Rosenveig.

From the 30 cars at the start, only 10 were able to conclude the race, because of a miriad of failures and accident due to the difficult surface conditions. From the driving point of view it was a very difficult race, where the drivers had no one second of relax because every meter of circuit could hide a trap where it was very easy to destroy the suspension or the bottom of the car.

At the end our team arrived 5th absolute, that was really a great and unexpected  result!


Photographic contribution by

Photo Francois Haase

Note the conditions of the circuit surface

Photo by Francois Haase Copyright 2016