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Press Release

AMRC with Boeing Board Meeting in Philadelphia at Hangsterfer’s

The nice view of the center of Philadelphia (USA)

Tuesday, 8th, May, 2018

Hangersterfer’s  Group hosted on the 8th May the AMRC with Boeing Board Meeting in its premises in Philadelphia.


Representatives of the biggest aerospace companies and their suppliers came from all the corner of the Earth.

Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce, Starrag Eckert, Messier Bugatti Dowty, BAE Systems, DELCAM, OSG, DIAD Group, MetsoftPro, Sandvik, Maegerle, Spirit Aerospace, KCT Group, DMG-Mori, McLaren, Renishaw, StarGB, Techicut, SECOTools top managers came from all over the world to join this important annual event.


The Board decided the new strategies for the next period. As usual, in the evergreen spirit of the AMRC, this occasion was a fantastic opportunity to empower relationships and business opportunities. 

The event has been magisterially organised by Ed and Nicolette Jones, the family owning the company Hangsterfer.


The meeting offered the opportunity to visit the production line of Hangersterfer’s  and some beautiful corners of the USA.

Sergio Durante speaking  in Philadelphia AMRC Board Meeting

The metalworking oils produced by Hangsterfer’s

Moments of the meeting

Philadelphia Sergio Durante AMRC dinner with Keith Ridgway and Peter L. Hoffmann

With (from left), Dr. Peter L. Hoffman, President of AMRC, from Boeing, Prof. Keith Ridgway, CBE FREng, founder of AMRC with Boeing,  Dr. John and Carol Baragwanath, Director, and the brilliant Mrs. Chris Ridgway, Office Manager of AMRC Copyright 2017