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Lancia Delta Evoluzione Martini at Milano Racing (FR)
Lancia 037 at Milano Racing (FR)
Lancia Delta Gr.A Martini at Milano Racing (FR)

Historic race parts, future technologies

Friday, 30, October, 2015

A meeting with Milano Racing president Patrick Canavese held last Thursday 29 October in Marseille (France). During the meeting some results of current advanced research on new materials and processes running in TEKS and DIAD Group have been presented by Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante to the executives of the French company. 


Milano Racing is the famous company operating in the sector of the historic Motorsport. They are the official Abarth brand extension outside of Italy and worldwide known because of the preparation of the fabulous Lancia and Fiat rally cars of the past, like the Stratos, the 131 Abarth, the 037, the Delta S4, the Delta Integrale.


The meeting went into the details of the extension of the current collaboration to new and fundamental race parts of the body, the powertrain, the brakes and the steering systems. 


The agreement will bring TEKS and DIAD Group to be one of the biggest supplier of parts for Milano Racing both for composites and metal parts. Of course both TEKS and DIAD Group will fully exploit the latest technology developed in the research projects to build these spare parts, increasing their performances, their safety and their environmental consciousness with respect to the 30 years old original parts. Copyright 2016