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Factory of the Future Opening by Prince Andrew

Press Release

HRH The Duke of York opens the Factory of the Future

Prince Andrew meet Dr Eng Sergio Durante at opening of Factory of the Future in Sheffield 2009

Prince Andrew (first at right) meets a group of young technician at AMRC, with Sergio Durante (center) Executive Vice President at DIAD , Hamid Mughal (right), Executive Vice President of Manufacturing Engineering at Rolls-Royce, Adrian Allen (right) Financial Director at AMRC

Wednesday, 9, September, 2009

The Prince Andrew, Duke of York (Andrew Albert Christian Edward; born 19 February 1960) joined guests from the top flight of the world´s aerospace companies and suppliers last week (9 October 2008) to open the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre´s (AMRC) £15 million state-of the-art Factory of the Future. 

A collaborative partnership, the Factory applies scientific theory, environmentally sustainable solutions and manufacturing principles to solve advanced manufacturing problems for the aerospace industry.


As part of his visit, The Duke of York was given a tour of the Factory where he learnt about measurement systems and robotics, metal injection moulding, advanced machining and shaped metal deposition. He was also given the opportunity to meet apprentices who work at the AMRC.


The Duke was also given a 3D experience in the Factory´s Virtual Reality Suite, which allows complicated engineering solutions to be tested and practised in a virtual way.


Keith Ridgway, Research Director at the AMRC, said: "We are extremely privileged to have had HRH The Duke of York open our new facility, it was real honour. Our approach has always been to work very closely with the real manufacturing needs of our partners. In addition to the existing capabilities of the AMRC, the machine tools in the Factory of the Future will be arranged in production cells enabling companies to trial new processes before embedding them in their own production facilities. This gives manufacturers the information they need to implement change quickly, with a minimum disruption to production, and provides techniques that enable them to stay ahead of the competition.


"The carbon-neutral building with its distinctive wind turbines stands on the former Orgreave Colliery site, once famous as the scene of confrontation between the miners and police. Today it is truly regenerated as an international exemplar of sustainable manufacturing and progressive research-led industry which seeks greener, more efficient ways of working."


During his visit, HRH The Duke of York said: "What an absolutely amazing place. I have had somewhat of a connection with the AMRC over the last few years and I am really really pleased to be able to come back and to open what I can only describe as a brilliant facility.


"I would like to say thank you to the AMRC and to Boeing and Rolls-Royce for what they are doing because its through this facility and others like it that we can continue to grow in the manufacturing field and make things better, make things more technological and stay competitive with other parts of the world."


Sergio Durante, Executive Vice President at DIAD Group and member of the Boad at AMRC, said "It was a great experience and honour to meet Prince Andrew, HRH The Duke of York, and see how deeply He was able to motivate the young technicians in continuing the path to become qualified engineers in the futuristic structure of AMRC"


Hamid Mughal, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing Engineering at Rolls-Royce, said: "The continuous development and application of advanced manufacturing technologies is a critical enabler for Rolls-Royce to meet increasingly demanding product and business objectives. We believe the new Rolls-Royce Factory of the Future provides an ideal environment for the rapid development and exploitation of technology to meet these challenges."


Sir Roger Bone, President of Boeing UK, agrees. He said: "The AMRC epitomises Boeing's approach to growth in the UK that adds value and builds competitiveness in the long term. With the opening of the new factory and as a long standing UK research partner for Boeing, the AMRC is also helping us to deliver sustainable aviation growth and environmentally progressive manufacturing. Boeing is now seeking to actively pursue opportunities to replicate the success of the AMRC around the globe." Copyright 2016