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Press Release

ice series 2015 Cervinia

Wednesday, 30, December, 2015

ICE SERIES at the starting gate!

Sergio Durante in action in the beautiful scenario of Cervinia during the 2015 Championship

ice series 2015 Livigno

Sergio Durante and Ivan Carmellino fighting in Livigno 2015

Ice Series 2015 podium Livigno

This year the winter season seems incredibly lazy, but finally, the temperatures of the latest days, and the snow forecast for the beginning of the 2016, are finally very encouraging. 


So the organising committee of the ICE SERIES Championship decided to start the races on the weekend of the 9 and 10 january 2016, with only few days of delay with respect to the original planning.


The Racing Teams are currently involved in the last tuning of their ice racecars.


This year the level of the drivers is really exceptional, with greatest specialist like Ivan Carmellino, 5 times Italian Champion, Alessandro Pettenuzzo, Matteo Antonazzo, Raffaele Silvestri, Aldo Pistono, Sergio Cantoni, and also some rally stars like the famous german Armin Schwarz and, as usual, also the french  Christian Beroujon.


Sergio Durante that scored 4th overall last year will race with the DIAD Group Motorsport Citroen DS3, a monster car equipped with a 450 cv  engine and a full carbon chassis that weight only 960 kg; sequential gearbox and three high performances differentials complete the equipment of the car.


Stay tuned!

Ice Series 2015 podium Cervinia

The podium of Livigno 2015

From the left Sergio Durante, Ivan Carmellino, Raffaele Silvestri

The Podium of Cervinia 2015

From the left, Beroujon, Carmellino,  Jouet, Durante, Pettenuzzo

Here below Sergio Durante in action at the Pragelato Circuit, Sestriere Copyright 2016