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London meeting with Prof. Keith Ridgway CBE, FREng HonFRAeS, founder and Director of AMRC with Boeing

Wednesday, 3, February, 2016

Sergio Durante and Keith Ridgway at Ritz Hotel in London

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante with Prof. Keith Ridgway in the beautiful environment of the Ritz Hotel in London

Last week Dr. Sergio Durante spend some time with the Prof. Keith Ridgway in the charming environment of the Ritz Hotel in the city centre of London, to discuss about current and future opportunities in the field of the manufacturing technology. 

Prof. Keith Ridgway is the founder and the director of the worldwide famous University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Center with Boeing, where the most innovative technologies in the field of manufacturing are under advanced development and testing. 

Big players as Boeing, Rolls Royce, Airbus, BAE, Mori Seiki, but also automotive stars like McLaren or TEKS are active parts of the Consortium, which is more managed as a team of brilliant minds that a conventional company.  


For the automotive fans, the most important topic is the current focus on new sustainable manufacturing for composites, like the ones developed in the project REFORM, already tested and validated in the DIAD Group DS3 currently racing in the ICE Series.

Another important topic is the new additive manufacturing approach, under development in the project MMTECH, that will permit the production of metallic parts (like cases and transmission parts) in real time both for racing and road application. This last technology will revolutionize the current concept of car industry in the next ten years.

One of the new building of the AMRC in Sheffield (UK)

The new plan of the AMRC

Skyline of London (source the net) Copyright 2016