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Ice Series 2015 - Dr Eng Sergio Durante

 Ice Series 2016

Press Release

Dr Eng Sergio Durante testing the DS3 WRC

The German rally champion Armin Schwarz

Rally WRC Stars at Ice Series 2016

Friday, 23, October, 2015

Everything is under frenetic preparation in DIAD Group Motorsport factories  for the next 2016 winter Ice Series International Championship. The incredible prototype based on the WRC Citroen DS3 is actually collecting all the latest racing technologies as nanotechnology surface engineering, additive manufacturing made DIAD Group titanium sequential gearbox, lithium batteries and Inconel exhausts, and a full composites body. 



960 Kg, 450 HP, four wheel drive. Such an advanced technologies will be hardly tested by an exceptional famous driver, the WRC star Armin Schwarz that will share the driving wheel with the other DIAD Group top drivers in the most important races of the 2016 Championship. Copyright 2016