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 DS3 Proto -450 HP, 960kg - Overall Winner of the Ice Challenge 2018

D4S HybridSport  610HP, 1050kg - First Hybrid Ice Racing  car in the World

Winner of the Ice Challenge 2018 - Alternative Energy Category 10

Our approach: Development and application of the latest aerospace technologies to build winning race cars components and test them on the field!

A bit of background philosophy:

Sometimes the world of today seems too complex for us. We, as humans, are still the same since thousand of years; our brain structure and body is still the same, but the rhythm of life and the amount of decisions we have to take per day is, at least, tenth of time superior to our ancestors. 

Going into the specific…

The industrial and motorsport environment is becoming harder and harder:

From one side the Artificial Intelligence is starting to help us, but from the other they will push us to think and act more and more as machines. This is already happening to top level sportsmen, in the manufacturing industry and some branches of finance.

As an example, the introduction of the telemetry in the motorsport revolutionized the drivers performances but also their mind and attitudes (and sometimes even their  humanity). The finance world is today more a robot and software war than a human negotiation. 

How to survive?

Make the computer and machines working for us:

We are living in a fast changing world, both full of opportunities and dangers. The only way to succeed is to jump to an higher level of consciousness and delegate the management of lower level problems to trustful and experienced subroutines.

The way we could help your business:

the use of advanced technologies to setup procedures and rules able to run your business, leaving your time and consciousness free to play at the strategic level.

Our winning receipt for the automotive, the motorsport and the aerospace sectors:

Easy: the integrated optimization of human experience and advanced technologies.

Among the others, we consider the self adapting systems, the augmented reality, the embedded intelligent materials, the nanotechnology, the additive manufacturing, the surface engineering, as some of the key instruments to achieve an higher level of products and processes.

These instruments can dramatically reduce the Time To Market and increase the quality of your products.

The same approach is currently giving our Companies the capability to build high performance components for aerospace and race cars.

Our winning approach:

We create technological solutions, we engineer them into race cars, we test them on the field, in extreme conditions… this is our way to build solid experience

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante

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A new Engineering Challenge

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Kart World Championship . Sergio Durante
DIAD Group Porsche Turbo

26-27/1/2019 and 9-10/2/2019


Sestriere (Italy)

The brand new formula championship on Ice Racing, open to all Europeans drivers



Serre Chevalier (Fr)

The brand new formula championship on Ice Racing, open to all Europeans drivers



Mont Rose (Italy)

The brand new formula championship on Ice Racing, open to all Europeans drivers

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Vettura D4S HybridSport in the Ice Challenge 2018 race
Sergio Durante- Ferrari FXX-K

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